Many self-isolated remote workers began working from home suddenly and felt the loss of their connections. Plan to keep in touch every day, several times a day by phone or Skype. Have a work-buddy or team that you can rely on and use the technology tools to hand to help feel connected. 

When you are stuck at a problem, many times it helps to explain the problem to a colleague and you have to phrase it differently then when you think about it
Encourage and support explicit and concise communications. Use video communications as much as possible to talk directly to team members and colleagues. Video software such as Whereby is free for up to four participants for video calls and can support sharing screens for collaboration and chat interactions.
Collaboration is key to remote success. There is a lot to be said for standing at a colleague's desk and discussing a file while making edits. You can mimic this by sharing screens on a video call (see above). It is not intended to fully replace the value of in-person interaction, but using the right mix of tools and technology, at the right moments can come very close. 

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