Many people start working from home for the first time, they use a laptop. A laptop can be handy, but it often comes with bad keyboard and a bad screen. If possible use a desktop with a full keyboard and good monitor.

Your working equipment is your instrument. Like an artist you possible need the best equipment to achieve the best results. It will be a please to work with if you have high quality tools.
You spend many hours staring at the screen, if your monitor is old it might loose the ability to display with high contrast, replace it. Go for size, you might have a lot of application open.
A keyboard is personal, if you go to a shop to try a few, make sure you try long enough, some people prefer long travel of keys. Make sure the keyboard is big enough so you don't need to bend your wrist for a long time in an awkward angle.
Needles to say this is important for the long term for your health. Ideally your knees should  be at a 90 degrees angle when you sit

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